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Our customized technological solutions allow the transformation of the business, improving the
efficiency and effectiveness of the fiscal-financial area, reducing risks.

Issues solved by Bento

It is a powerful Data Analytics tool that allows automating and streamlining the functions of the tax process, as well as giving value to the tax information of companies, for timely decision making and for internal control in real time.

Tax authorities use technology for deep monitoring, with our tools we seek to go one step ahead of the SAT to eliminate or manage risks. Both to comply with tax obligations and to be prepared for invitation letters, audits or refunds, automating processes.

Our developments and services

System for massive AUTOMATIC DAILY electronic invoice (CFDI) extraction and uploading.
 Customizable data analytics system for the determination of VAT, Income Tax, withholdings, structure validations, validations against to the black list ( in accordance with the article 69B of the CFF), reconciliations of payment receipt complements, electronic invoice of advance payments, substituted electronic invoices and cancelled. General reports of CFDI types. Visualize Your Data Through Interactive Charts, Dashboards and brief reports
Data Analytics system for the linkage of banks, accounting, CFDI and reconciliation with the working papers of the determination of income tax and VAT, you can include INTERFACES with your systems to make the process 
Design and development of tools for the optimization of specific tax processes (derivative financial
operations, investment deductions, determination of real interest, etc.).
We offer the customized software design and development for your digital solutions based on the Managed Delivery Centers model, where we have services that guarantee the success of the project, assuring its quality.

Turn your ideas into reality with our exceptional software design and development team. Join the growing list of clients who have leveraged our expertise to scale their business. Our process is streamlined for quality and efficiency, from initial consultation to project completion.

Understanding Data

Our charts and brief reports provide an effective way to analyze and present results. Visual representations help to make decisions in a more efficient and agile way.

Strategic Decision Making

The objective of data visualization is to provide value by showing patterns and trends. We give meaning and purpose to your tax information.

Functions that distinguish us

Integrity we show you how all your information is what you should consider.
Daily automatic processes of massive download, as well as automatic processing.
5 million CFDI processed in approximately one week, and we are in continuous improvement.
Dynamic information is considered  (to continuously validate CFDI status). 
Validations of CFDI fiscal requirements, missing payment receipt complements, unrelated substitutions of electronic invoices.
Update at any time the information of the SAT blacklist to validate your suppliers.

Determination of ISR, IVA (basis, taxes, non-object), WITHHOLDINGS with conversion into dollars or any foreign currency (using the exchange rate of the CFDI or the Official Gazette of the Federation), conciliaciones de anticipos, reconciliations of prepayments, substitutions, exclusion of items (sale of dollars, tax payments, etc.) and identification of TYPE OF INCOME AND DEDUCTION.

Main Distinctive Features

Customized linking of banking, accounting and CFDI information of millions of transactions, with INTERFACES ENTRE SUS SISTEMAS with your work papers, solving
processes returns and audits/tax demands
Robotic automation of processes (automatic XML download, metadata and blacklist update). On the 1st of the following month you can consult the results of your CFDI information and your reports without any manual process. In minutes you can streamline processes instead of several days.
Our gráficas, use data analytics to SHOW trends, measure the main indicators of a business, etc.
Customizable, we adapt to your security standards, as well as your needs.
Can be hosted on your server or in the private cloud to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.
We use powerful data engines (if your company works with one, we can adapt it), as well as specific processes for “big data”.

Success Stories

Our star-ups or Fortune1000 clients who have relied on our solutions have achieved excellent results in these sectors.

In each success story, the more experience, the greater the evolution of our services.
Manufacturing and marketing
Tourism sector
Financial sector

We know that every industry has different challenges, we are prepared to ease the way for you.

From the various linkages that can be achieved through SAP accounting records that allow the management of millions of records, from the creation of the provision to the payment/clearing of thousands of invoices in a single transfer, to those cases in which their systems have not been updated due to their complexity and do not allow them to include CFDI data, we have the experience to support them in their processes of linkage with their CFDI.

From the global reconciliation, in the case of the financial sector, to the detailed linkage, we know the way to provide you with the technological tools that with one click will allow you to verify your information in the SAT.


We specialize in working with advanced applications, platforms, and systems that drive smooth transformations and deliver outstanding user experiences.
.NET Java JavaScript Python Selenium DevOps Data & Analytics PHP Mobile Development QA Automation .NET Java JavaScript Python Selenium DevOps Data & Analytics PHP Mobile Development QA Automation
.NET Java JavaScript Python Selenium DevOps Data & Analytics PHP Mobile Development QA Automation .NET Java JavaScript Python Selenium DevOps Data & Analytics PHP Mobile Development QA Automation
Microsoft as a leader in business solutions has a wide range of relevant and accessible solutions that enable the empowerment of business digitization.

BENTO, working together with Microsoft, offers efficient and high-value solutions for small, medium and large companies.
Many of our developments are based on Microsoft technology.
Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Specialized consulting in configuration
and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics.
 Microsoft .NET Framework Development: We provide development and consulting services on .NET Framework with our resources with years of experience and knowledge of diverse project
implementations and applications in Web environment.
 Microsoft SQL SERVER Development & Support: We specialize in Enterprise Database Design and Development; we offer DBA support.
BENTO's fiscal solutions based on interfaces with SAP are intended for the large business sector. SAP offers your company the unique solution for total business control, to manage various aspects such as: finance, human resources, procurement, inventory, logistics manufacturing, product development, corporate services, customer service, sales and marketing.

We use the Best Practices that allow us to efficiently develop the interaction of our solutions with SAP ERP.

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